Sportradar Integrity Services integrates ÖFB into customer portfolio

Sportradar Integrity Service s enrolled Austrian Football Federation (ÖFB) to monitor and ensure the integrity of its domestic competitions in accordance with a six-year agreement.

Under the deal, the Sportradar monitor will complete 700 matches per season in the Austrian regional leagues using Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) rate monitoring solution.

“We are delighted to be working alongside the ÖFB and offering our expertise to help protect its home football games from integrity threats,” said Andreas Krannich , Managing Director of Sportradar Integrity Services.

“In recent years, Sportradar has witnessed growing problems of fairness in world football at the lower levels of competition. The conditions and challenges created by the COVID - 19 pandemic have increased the level of risk across global football, and strong integrity measures are needed now more than ever. "

Launched in February , Sportradar UFDS offer is an advanced and proven bet monitoring system ", independently evaluated and verified by experts in the field of sports betting and fairness.

An international team of experts on the integrity of the sports data and analytics company analyzes non-standard betting schemes, identifies using “sophisticated mathematical models and machine learning algorithms,” and any suspicious matches are reported to partners to ensure match-fixing is visible worldwide.

Krannich continued: “As a global leader in sports integrity services, we make it our top priority to work with our partners and maintain an effective framework to help minimize integrity issues.

“We thank the ÖFB for their commitment to maintaining the integrity of football within their competition as part of this agreement with the UFDS, and we look forward to helping their integrity program in the coming years.”

Sportradar found over 500 suspicious matches in world sports last year and reported more than 5,400 suspicious matches in the past 15 years.

The ÖFB joins a number of international sports organizations and entities that have used the monitoring capabilities of Sportradar Integrity Services, including Main Directorate of the National Police of Bulgaria , Olympic Committee of the Netherlands Sports Federation of the Netherlands (NOC NSF) and Swedish Football Association (SvFF).

Dr. Thomas Hollerer , ÖFB General Secretary, added: “We recognize that match fixing and other fairness issues pose a clear and real danger in today's sports landscape, and the ÖFB takes its commitment on this matter very seriously.

“By working with Sportradar Integrity Services to monitor our competitions with the UFDS solution, we will have valuable oversight of the global betting markets offered in our games.

“Sportradar has a proven track record of sporting integrity and depth. rate monitoring capabilities will help maintain our shared integrity program over the next six years. ”

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